Blissful Heart Workshop is BACK (again!) For Women Only

Sat Nam!  We are moving into February again, with lots of Valentine’s love and of course holiday commercialism in the air.  This time of year can be overwhelming whether you’re single or in a partnership due to the pressure to either 1) have a lover to spend Valentine’s Day with or 2) please your partner with just the right date, gift, surprise lingerie…. you get the idea.  I like to offer my popular “Blissful Heart” workshop this time of year because it really offers so much to all women, regardless of their relationship status.  The workshop includes Kundalini Yoga that focuses on the heart center as well as relationship specific meditations for healing a broken heart, transforming your karma with men, clearing the energetic imprints of your past lovers, and elevating the men in your life.  The first time I taught this workshop a few years ago, I couldn’t believe it when FORTY TWO women showed up!  These were women from all walks of life, spanning several generations, all there to heal, open, and uplift from the heart.  It is a beautiful, powerful, incredible experience beyond words to be in the company of women practicing together.  I hope you’ll join us again this Sunday, February 8, 2015 at Your Yoga (Emerson Center, suite 223) from noon-3 pm.  $25, or $20 with Your Yoga membership (monthly unlimited pass).  Check out the event page on Facebook!


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