SuperHealth: Yogic Science for Breaking Habits and Addictive Behaviors~ An Introductory Workshop

Eat a Cookie

What’s your vice?  From cookies to cocaine, SuperHealth is on the cutting edge of breaking habits and addictive behavior.  It is at the forefront of yogic therapeutic technology that is precise and proven effective.  The system addresses alcohol, drugs, smoking, food issues, co-dependency, gambling, work, computers and includes stress, depression, fatigue and anxiety.  Developed by Yogi Bhajan, the approach combines the ancient wisdom of yogic science with the innovations of western sciences.

Back in February I attended a Specialty Professional Training with the incredible Mukta Khalsa to learn the powerful SuperHealth:  Yogic Science for Breaking Habits and Addictive Behaviors curriculum to bring back to our community.  It was Kundalini Yoga that brought me through some of my own personal struggles and I wanted to learn some concrete tools to specifically apply for people struggling with a variety of addictions.  I was intrigued by the specific therapeutic juice formulas that Yogi Bhajan gave to help people detox quickly from a variety of substances and then rebuild their system.  I was excited to learn specific meditations for various addictions- special breathing exercises for quitting smoking and stopping a cocaine habit, for example.  This training did not disappoint.  I learned so much in this eight day course, and came home with two manuals chock full of information!

I invite you to join me on Sunday, October 6, from 1-4 pm at Your Yoga (27 East Main, Alley Entrance) for an introductory class.  This class will be generalized to suit addictions of all kinds and will include a Kundalini Yoga kriya (yoga set) for detoxification and to strengthen the body’s nervous and glandular systems as well as a meditation for healing addictions.  The cost of the class is $25, or $15 with a monthly membership to Your Yoga.



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3 responses to “SuperHealth: Yogic Science for Breaking Habits and Addictive Behaviors~ An Introductory Workshop

  1. BJG

    what a great line up of offerings Gloria. Thank you for all your inspiring classes. bobbi

  2. Fern

    Hi Gloria! I have forgotten when you are planning the SuperHealth Yogic Science for Breaking Habits/PTSD workshop. Please let me know when that is scheduled. I would like to attend.

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