Pregnancy Friendly PTSD Course

Sat Nam!  I’ve had such an overwhelming response to this new course I’m offering, “Supporting People with Birth Trauma and Pregnancy Loss Through Kundalini Yoga.  We are two weeks into the course and it’s going great.  I’m honored to witness such powerful energy shifts in the brave women who chose to face their trauma and transform it through yoga and meditation! The class is full- we have fourteen women enrolled in the course and there were several others who happen to be currently pregnant who wanted to join us to heal from past birth traumas and losses!  Wow!  I had no idea when I put the word out that there would be any interest from pregnant women in the community.  Boy was I wrong!  Unfortunately the kriyas, or yoga sets,  in the eight week curriculum for the PTSD course are not really pregnancy friendly, but being determined to help these women out, I’ve created a new course- a hybrid of my Khalsa Way Prenatal Yoga curriculum and the meditations from the PTSD curriculum.  I chose sets from my Khalsa Way Pregnancy Manual that seemed to most fit with the trauma course.
I’ve decided to open this new Prenatal PTSD course to any pregnant woman with any sort of trauma in her past- it is not limited to birth trauma or pregnancy loss.  The cost of the 6 week course will be $81.  We will begin this week, on Fridays at Birth Place, 5-6:30 pm for a six week journey.  No class on October 11.  Please call (406) 595-2547 or email with questions or to register.

Pregnancy Friendly PTSD Course Overview
Week One (9/20)
Prenatal Yoga “For Releasing Fear”
Nine Minute Meditation for increasing one’s capacity to regulate emotions and change habits.  Regular practice may help students overcome nightmares, memory loss, and numbness while releasing shame, guilt, and fear.  (This meditation can become your homework if you like.)

Week Two (9/27)
Prenatal Yoga “For When Things Seem Impossible”
Meditation for supporting restful sleep by synchronizing the nervous system and restoring healthy sleep cycles.

Week Three (10/4)
Prenatal Yoga for “When You Feel Low or Sad”
Meditation for dissolving past traumas and restoring nervous system.

Week Four (10/18)
Prenatal Yoga “Brain Peacefulness and Balance”
A Meditation for dealing with “flash anger” often experienced by trauma survivors  is introduced that helps students regain control of the mind, and strengthens capacity for self-regulation.

Week Five (10/25)
Prenatal Yoga for “Staying in the Moment”
Meditation to increase self-confidence and self-efficacy.

Week Six (11/1)
Prenatal Yoga for “Trusting Your Ability to Birth”
Meditation to be what you are in the essence of truth


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