Dancing For Birth™ Six Week Series in Bozeman

I’m teaming up with local belly dancer and fellow  Dancing For Birth™ Instructor Isis Ptak to offer a 6 Week  Dancing For Birth™ Series on Tuesday Evenings at Birth Place (820 N. Wallace)!  Pregnant and Postpartum/BabyWearing Mamas Welcome!
Join us, Tuesdays, April 23 through May 28, 2013
6-7:15 pm
$75 for the 6 week series, or drop in for $15/class
Call (406) 595-2547 to register
Dancing For Birth™ is a fun and uplifting dance workout for prenatal and postpartum women. Weaving together African Dance, Belly Dance, Caribbean Dance, and Latin Dance, Dancing For Birth™ teaches women how to use world dance moves to facilitate more comfortable pregnancies, labors, and births while encouraging optimal fetal positioning. Postpartum women can wear their baby in a wrap or sling and use the same dance moves to stretch, strengthen, and tone their bodies after childbirth.


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