Dreamy Hemp Pants for Kundalini Yoga!

As a teacher of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, I am encouraged to wear graceful, modest, and light or white clothing made of natural fibers when I practice and especially when I teach.  Dressing in this way is said to expand the aura, allow the skin to breathe, keep energy moving freely throughout the body, and help the wearer feel more radiant.

Finding the perfect pair of suitable yoga pants for Kundalini Yoga in a market saturated with lycra, polyester, and spandex is not an easy task!  Add the fact that I’m only 5 feet, 2 inches tall, and the thought of shopping for yoga pants becomes even more daunting.

Unbleached and un-dyed Hemp Pants from Dear Lil’ Devas for women are a match made in heaven!  (Click here for Hemp Pants for Men.)  Designed and made in Canada, they have proven to be my favorite pair of yoga pants yet.  Offered in three lengths with a one-size-fits-all drawstring, finding the perfect fit was easy.  A balanced blend of 55% Hemp and 45% cotton allows for breathability and superior texture and draping.  The pants are well made with French seams (super comfy and no chafing) and an extra panel of fabric in the rear to allow for comfort and freedom of movement.

Back view of Kundalini Yoga’s Frog Pose- no need to worry about busting a seam! Dream Pants have an extra panel in the back to allow for freedom of movement.

I love my natural pants for Kundalini Yoga and I have a pair of light moss pants that I wear quite often just because they are so comfortable!

If hemp is not your style, I can tell you from personal experience that Dear Lil’ Devas makes some lovely woven cotton Dream Pants and Yoga Bloomers in two fabric weights as well as some soft and smooth knit organic cotton and bamboo pants.  I happen to own a variety of styles and colors, they are all wonderful, but the Hemp Pants are my favorites.  I just love the way the hemp lasts forever and softens over time, becoming more and more comfortable with age!

Dream Pants have a drawstring tie!

Rosie and the crew at Dear Lil’ Devas are AWESOME- seriously some of the best customer service I’ve ever had.  I love buying pants knowing they are happily made in Canada where the wages are fair.  And in true eco-conscious fashion, each order I’ve made has arrived on my doorstep packaged in a reused cereal box!


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  1. Such a great review Gloria. Now I totally want a pair!!

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