Bring on the Babies!

Babies getting to know each other before class.

Oh I love babies! One of my favorite things about teaching prenatal yoga is getting to meet the babies after they are born (Oh, so it was YOU in there the whole time). Sometimes I run into their families at the Farmer’s Market or the Co-op, and sometimes they bring them in for show and tell during tea time after a prenatal class. Postnatal Yoga/Mommy and Me Yoga is a great opportunity for mamas to get together and continue their practice, with their babies right there next to them. It is part of building community, and I feel so blessed to watch it unfold. Here are a few photos from class. Sat Nam Mamas, and see you next week!

Babies love to be incorporated into the yoga!

Kathleen practices Ego Eradicator while Colin hangs out in her lap.

Laura and Anne practice Arm Pumps while Jesse and Everett watch.

Anne practices Frog Pose while Everett practices crawling~ the ultimate Baby Yoga.


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