Blissful Mamas Bloggin’ about Yoga!

It really is such an joy to teach yoga. For me, it is a way to serve the community by sharing the very tools that have improved my life so much. Kundalini Yoga and The Khalsa Way are powerfully transformative systems for personal growth and fulfillment. Recently a few of my students have felt compelled to blog about my classes. I have grouped them together so you can enjoy reading them all!
The founder of BabyWearers of Bozeman interviewed me as part of a series of posts featuring local babywearing mamas who have their own businesses. You can read the interview here.
You can find my personal Yogi Tea recipe and a review of my class by a student who writes product reviews professionally here.
There is one more blog feature I’d like to tell you about, full of color photos of the class by a student and professional photographer. You can read it here. (Please note that this post was written when we were still at Bodhi Tree and classes are now held at Birth Place).
My gratitude goes out to Heidi, Cindy, and Lauren for taking the time to blog and share your experiences with yoga!


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