Creating community through prenatal yoga

One of the most lasting benefits you can expect to gain from coming to prenatal yoga class is the sense of community formed as you get to know other women expecting babies in the same time frame as your own.  I have been teaching prenatal yoga for almost 2 years now, and have witnessed the way little tribes of mamas form naturally through the classes.  Recently, a few mamas from my class got together and painted beautifully intricate henna designs on each other’s bellies.

They share the joy of baby showers and mother blessing ceremonies, along with deep conversation about birth plans, parenting philosophy, and how to prevent stretch marks.  Its amazing, really, to sit back and watch these friendships form and grow.  There is something really special about a friend who really understands where you are coming from, because she is literally right there with you.

Part of a class with Blissful Bellies Prenatal Yoga includes the tradition of sharing tea and a snack after yoga.  This is a great way to ground yourself before you face the world again, and also a fantastic opportunity to just hang out with other expecting mamas.

Tea and conversation after class is a great way to unwind after yoga.

Tea and conversation after class is a great way to unwind after yoga. Photo by Lauren Brown.


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One response to “Creating community through prenatal yoga

  1. Micah

    Awesome Gloria…I wish something was like that here…I would have loved yoga when I was pregnant!
    God Bless; Micah

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